The MICCS Substance Abuse Program is a model program that has been endorsed by the MICCS Board of Directors. It is intended to be the minimum program for our area's owners (construction consumers) and contractors. Many such companies have substance abuse programs that follow the MICCS program for the most part, but are more stringent in some areas than the MICCS program requires.

If your company follows these minimum guidelines and/or has a program that is more stringent that this program, then your employees will be able to apply for a MICCS Substance Abuse identification card. Many MICCS companies—owners and contractors—require that all onsite personnel carry a MICCS card, or a card that has been endorsed by the MICCS Board of Directors as being the equivalent of a MICCS card.     How to Submit Tests Results for MICCS Cards


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The MICCS Substance Abuse Program - Program update effective on November 1, 2015


Fitness For Duty form


 If a person has taken a substance abuse test and as a result is required to engage a Substance Abuse Professional, a list is available.

What are the possible health consequences of alcohol and other drugs?
Source: U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration

Any member of one of the following reciprocal programs can be checked for availability on

  • Indiana State Pipe Trades Association
  • Indiana Union Construction Substance Abuse Trust (IUCSAT)
  • Quality Connection
  • International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Asbestos Workers Local 18
  • Associated Building Contractors Association
  • Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety
  • Construction Owners Association of the Tri-State
  • Southwestern Indiana Building Trades and Contractors Drug Testing Card

MICCS Substance Abuse Committees