Educational Outreach Mission Statement

The committee is responsible for producing programs that provide education beyond that of the quarterly events the Program committee produces. Their new charge is to create ways that MICCS can provide educational services and support services to those in a safety director position and/or in the field.

Educational Outreach Committee Members

Wes Anderson, Gaylor, Inc.
Butch Dewitt, Spohn Associates
Jason Hankins, FA Wilhelm
Traci Hardin, Meyer-Najem, Inc. - Committee Chair
Wade Ison, Shiel Sexton Company, Inc.
Dan Newport, BMW Constructors
Trevor Osborn, Jobsite Supply
Pat Portteus, The Skillman Corporation
Jeff Poynter, RMS-Safety
Kevin Sullivan, Turner Construction Co. of Indiana, LLC.
Joel Tresslar, The Hagerman Group



Safety Culture: At the Crux of a Great Business
By: Gregory P. Sipes, Ph.D., Sc.D.

Fix the broken windows in the vacant houses in a rough neighborhood and watch the level of vandalism in that neighborhood drop. Each night paint over the graffiti on the New York subway cars and observe as the crime rate in the subways decreases.


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