2014 MICCS Committees

MICCS Awards Committee

Matt Jacques, Shiel Sexton (Chairman)
Chad Apple, Meyer Najem, Inc.
Jeff Fox, Dow AgroSciences
Jim Johnston, Eli Lilly and Company
Matt McCreery, Safety Resources
Larry Oliver, Blood Hound
John Ridge, Performance Mechanical Contracting

MICCS Certification Committee

Jesse Brazzell, Safety Management Group
Sheryl Yaraschefski, Trinity Safety Group
Elvin Hernandez, Eli Lilly and Company
Tammy Hines, RMS-Safety
Jason Jones, Trinity Safety Group
JD Kyle, ERMCO, Inc.
Scott Lollar, Poynter Sheet Metal
Vince Plank, Safety Management Group
Jason Street, Vectren
John Totty, ASI Signage

 MICCS Educational Outreach Committee

Traci Hardin, Meyer Najem, Inc. (Chairwoman)
Wes Anderson, Gaylor
Butch DeWitt, Spohn Associates
Ben Kingdon, Glenmark Construction
Dan Newport, BMW Constructors
Trevor Osborn, Jobsite Supply
Patrick Portteus, Skillman
Joel Tresslar, Hagerman Construction
Kevin Sullivan, Trinity Safety Group

 MICCS Membership Development Committee

Steve Champlin, Midwest Toxicology Services
Mike Dougherty, Johnson Controls
Bryan King, Patriot Engineering
Kevin Turner, Wurster Construction

MICCS Program Committee

Dr. Dominic Cooper, B-Safe Management Solutions
Sean Devenney, Drewry Simmons Vornehm
Lucas Finley, Trinity Safety Group
John Lindenschmidt, RMS-Safety
BJ Moore, MJ Insurance
Stu Peterson, Garrett-Stotz Insurance 

MICCS Residential Safety Council

Tony Hartman, Drees Homes (Chairman)
Mike Barden, Pulte
Craig Beauregard, Fischer Homes
Chris Blanchard, Airtron
Danny Branham, Beazer
Jess Brazzell, Safety Management Group
John Brunswick, INSafe
Mark Cavill, Harleysville Group
Don Chesney, Arbor Homes
Mike Crabb, Pillar Group
Steve Dean, Ryland Homes
Tim Eckert, Weber Concrete
Pete Gray, Executive Homes
Mark Judd, Judd Construction
Cameron Knox, Ryland Homes
Steve Lains, BAGI
Edward LaPlante, Bone Dry Roofing
John Lindenschmidt, RMS-Safety
Matt Ochs, BAGI
Brian Paris, Associated Drywall Partners
Matt Rausch, Ryan Homes
Tom Slater, Timberland Lumber
Dave Sperling, Kermans Fine Flooring
Jay Steinberg, Westport Homes
Scott Thompson, Arbor Homes
Dan Turcic, Adams Marshall
Chris Wolfe, Reese Wholesale
Jeff York, MI Homes

MICCS Safety Directors Committee

Dan Turzillo, Weigand Construction (Chairman)
Greg Anderson, Kennedy Tank
Jason Jones, Trinity Safety Group
Shawn Guernsey, Shiel Sexton
Eric Meadors, ATI Physical Therapy
Darrell Rice, Midwest Switchgear
Kevin Schrader, Miller-Eads
Shane Stuller, Safety Resources
Sheryl Wiser, Fox Contractors
Chris Wolfe, Reese Wholesale 

MICCS Substance Abuse Oversight Committee

Becky Strait, Indianapolis Power & Light (Chairwoman)
Michael Fort, Gaylor
Phil Kenney, F.A. Wilhelm
Terry Metheny, Eli Lilly and Company
Chris Mitchell, Safety Management Group