The New and Improved MICCS Certification Program

Launched January 1, 2014



Information You Need to Know: 

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MICCS Certification

The goal of the MICCS Certification Program, developed in 1996, is three-fold.

  • The program is a web-based database that is used by construction consumers ("owners") as well as by contractors whose safety prequalifies their subcontractors by providing them with important safety-related information in an easily-accessible, standard format. This allows system users to, in mere seconds, view validated safety statistics and information on exhaustive audits MICCS conducts on each participating company.
  • The program is also the gold standard in safety. To become a "MICCS Certified Company" means that a company's safety performance is among the top 20% of construction companies in the nation.
  • The program is a checks and balances for companies when it comes to their safety program each year. From the very first time a company enters the program through each annual renewal in the program, MICCS provides an extensive review of a company's safety program and validates that the statistics in the program's database are what was also reported to OSHA.

There is detailed information regarding other benefits of participating in the program on the MICCS Certification Home Page. You can also view the PowerPoint presentation that was used to introduce the program to the industry in 2002.

 Certified Partnership Between MICCS and the Indiana Department of Labor (IDOL)

Certified Partnership Agreement between MICCS and Indiana Department of Labor

Certification Program's New "Qualified" Status Presentation

MICCS and IDOL Partnership Program Report - March 2014